Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mere Status ka Maamla Hai

Here are a few 'Status Messages' that I had put on my Yahoo Messenger and G-talk. Most of these were sudden thoughts that descended on me while riding my bike (the much talked about YD125 which has a double cradle chassis like the RX135 and the engine of the Enticer) to office at speeds excess of 70 Kmph. A few of them are my reactions to situations which I strongly felt for, like "kya hum itne paraye ho gaye??" was because 'a very close friend' had not invited me to a party in his house etc.

  1. pitcher perfect
  2. que sera sera
  3. maaya !
  4. nange ninna mele manas aite
  5. kya hum itne paraye ho gaye??
  6. everything in life is an adjustment
  7. banangula
  8. bisilmale
  9. people who know no
  10. san fransCISCO
  11. knowledge is not anyone's property
  12. and maaya is attachment
  13. i've come a long way
  14. everyday is a start and beginning of things
  15. hen nodi haalade kanro
  16. sleep is rebooting the brain
  17. haiyya ho !
  19. love and lust are like the two L's of the hell
  20. when character becomes chapter
  21. the house that the pappu's built
  22. har ghadi badal rahi hai time
  23. har cheez bikavu hai.bas apne keemat pe
  24. like a fish outa water
  25. ca or ka ? "gotilla" ?!
  26. united we stand...divided we fall
  27. i have no beginning and hence no end
  28. very smart eh ! just wait n see dude
  29. love can only be declared but not defined
  30. me happy but not gay
  31. drink moota rum for long life
  32. true...i live in a different domain
  33. dina idli vada tindu tindu bai yenaagabeku ?!
  34. how i wish life was in slow motion !
  35. u no i know
  36. gulmohar
  37. nanna hudugiyannu yaarunu nodlebaaradu
  38. does everything have a reason !?
  39. a heartful of wishes, a mindful of ideas
  40. biggest paradox: how i wish i were a child that the enjoys present
  41. so what ?
  42. do i own my land till centre of the earth ?
  43. void this_is_the_brain(){ this_is_the_brain();}
  44. no i cant say no
  45. why did that bird sit on the road?
  46. you'll get back what you've done
  47. my struggle to be normal
  48. behind everything there is a human mind
  49. are you the absolute or the relative
  50. arent you afraid of your true self ?
  51. when i come, many leave
  52. an exclusive club of broadminded people
  53. all my searches end in me
  54. are you the absolute or the relative
  55. are you at,below or above C level ?
  56. thanks but no thanks
  57. "i'm unique like everybody else"
  58. i'm a different person with my eyes closed
  59. a new life...a new leaf
  60. after 60 came at 100
  61. can you surprise yourself ??
  62. "you live in a shell man"
  63. listen to your internal voice
  64. pyaar ka jaam na peena
  65. dhoti phaadke rumaal ho gaya
  66. naanondu tira...neenondu tira
  67. misinterpret but dont misunderstand me
  68. my roomies are gay and i'm happy
  69. "chick" hudugiyaranna nodabaarada ?!
  70. do wht u like or better like wht u do
  71. we're afraid of the delta
  72. do away with the mask
  73. choose a different path
  74. had traffic and jam for breakfast
  75. new attitude
  76. for everything else there's the hand
  77. ek fool do mawaali
  78. new ear to listen to the new year
  79. when you stop expecting and start accepting
  80. silence dosen't mean weakness
  81. can you show me your other face ??
  82. there's one in all and all in one
  83. ski's the limit
  84. i'm happy when you're happy...even otherwise
  85. everyone left...only i'm right
  86. the walf of life is to be done alone
  87. isnt this you enn eye que you eee ?
  88. weekday is a weak day for activities
  89. love's a catalyst that precipitates feelings at heart's bottom
  90. i cant quantize my feelings as love/friend/(...)
  91. i'm surprised at myself !
  92. trying to blow and extinguish the fire
  93. you have to be totally similar or totally dissimilar to truly appreciate someone
  94. dont impose your happiness on others
  95. isnt 'for no reason' a reason ?
  96. convert ur discrete time goals into continuous time enjoyment
  97. sat chit aananda
  98. consider it done boss
  99. know god to say no god
  100. surrounded by mirrors !
  101. entangled in threads
  102. i o u
  103. happiness is a random event
  104. i mistook attention for love !
  105. from mind to no mind to dont mind
  106. "now here or nowhere"
  107. do{....}while(open(mind));
  108. whts ur part in today's drama ?
  109. today's best may be tomorro's worst
  110. mind is like the tongue of the brain
  111. is there a limit for the limit
  112. afraid of life,afraid of death !
  113. sound of silence echoes
  114. doing once in a while is do{...}while(1111);
  115. mera bit .. tera byte
  116. its not in my jeans to be formal
  117. she like wine..i like whine
  118. MS: Master of Sins
  119. amAZing desert
  120. if you try and fail in the first attempt, make sure you erase all signs that you tried
  121. a fair affair
  122. to fall or spring in love ?
  123. shine on you lazy diamond
  124. i want to break; free( );
  125. when i build a house, it'll be ground breaking news first
  126. talent is latent
  127. back to crAZiness
  128. turn the futility into utility
  129. the bloody heart
  130. she said jaan e man, i said jaan e woman
  131. frankly my dear... i do give a damn
  132. dare to dream beyond the dreams
  133. logic gives a false sense of security
  134. God gives freedom to be in bondage; ski gives bonds to be in freedom
  135. wish Gates and Windows were open
  136. ranger in the mirror, shoots at you !
  137. i said honey, she said money
  138. if u give me a choke, i'll give u a capacitor
  139. live life king size, die on a king size bed too
  140. Col.Linux
  141. If our brain was simple to understand, we wouldnt have been smart enough to understand it
  142. skiattle