Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Road Trip

When the five of us met at my sisters pet-

Madison is its name which has given us all the fame

Add to it a graduation so unique that it makes others look so meek

We drove thru the rain with ameet at the rein

Never were we down, be it noon or dawn

OH what a state it is to see

The birthplace of aviation that flies high on sea

The lake with wave which makes oceans seem naive

The maid of the mist about which its hard to put in a jist

A tryst with nature that we’ll never forget, be it life or death

The American falls along with its Bride

Complimenting the Horseshoe with their pride

Being amidst families was a delight for a loner like me

That give their love and warmth like a cuppa hot tea

NY gets everyone’s envy for being the Big Apple

Where the twin towers still stand tall though reduced to a rubble

As the gaieties of a fortnight come to a close

It’s the time when we get morose

Amidst such feelings there is a thought which I reap

That I have miles to go before I sleep...