Saturday, March 29, 2008

wasnt train-ed for this

"..dhadak dhadak,dhadak dhadak, dhua udaaye re ..

shit ! what a pain ...can't they keep an extra handle to hold here. i almost fell while inside the 'western-style' toilet in the speeding Udyan express. Somehow managed to flush and came out. Phew.. what a relief. Started to stretch and looked at my new Titan, it was 7.20 AM on a bright Sunday morning and the train was in the middle-of-somewhere in the rocky deccan plateau. Thought of getting some fresh air and headed for the nearest door.

"Che che .. what a fool I have been" he muttered for the second consequetive time. Startled, i looked at the man beside me..was pretty decent looking with a day-old stub on the chin, a light blue shirt with a reddish ochre scarf. "I cant believe this could happen" said he, dangerously leaning out of the door. i got curious and looked at him again. He gave me a stare with those cold black eyes which soon decided to reveal me the miseries.

man- "I have been a fool all this while !"

me- "is there a something amiss ?"

man - "look at that mountain, can you see that temple on top?"

i looked at a passing mountain but couldn't find the temple he was referring to. Pretending to be interested i asked, "ya i see it..what about it ?"

man - "I missed my destination"

me- "oh .. where were you supposed to get down ??"

man- "about 10 mins ago"

me- "hmm....dont worry, you can get down at the next one. its gonna take another 20 mins"

man- "yes thats why I'm standing here you see"

me -"i see...maybe you could relax a bit, a cuppa coffee would definitely soothe your anxiety ?"

man- "can you spot that bull there ?"

me- "what ??? i mean ..?". Some kinda wierdo this guy was turning out to be.

man- "someone stole my car and I lost my baggage too"

me- "oh poor you. is there anyway i can be of help ?"

He said something and the engine had to blow its horn at that moment. "sorry i couldnt hear you". He was keenly staring at something over my head and i turned back to look. All i could find was something written on the train. "No Smoking. Penalty upto.." bah.

This conversation was heading nowhere and moreover i started feeling sleepy. Thought of heading back to my seat. "Ok mister, take care, and good luck on finding your destination, car and your baggage". Yawn. What a bore.

man- "oh I found all of them"
me- "what ??"

The next morning paper had my photo. The head was split in half because of hitting the adjacent track with a large momentum. The man had come for my soul.

..dhadak dhadak,dhadak dhadak, mujhe bulaye re .."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Genesis !

...and the divine light dawned on me !

Yes folks, s k i finally joins the blogdom. Another brick in the wall, another writing on the wall, another shop in the mall, another tring in the call. Always wanted to start bloggin but wasnt coming up with a good name for it, but now there's no looking back....guess I found my best match ;-)

Its been a while since I did any sort of non-technical writing, the fever has become so fervent that there have to be atleast a minumum of (M/m)x(N/n) area of technical words in a screen of NxM pixels (speaking this way, maybe could have added 'another argument in the function call' above ?) .....omigod there it goes again ! Well well, relax, its not gonna be anything like this henceforth and its the beginning of the end.

The end. Let my first blog be as-light-as-possible and as-bright-as-impossible...